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Tantalum Crucible

Tantalum Crucible

Savoy Piping Inc. is a major key player in the field of supply, manufacture, and transport of industrial products. They have profound years of experience in the field of manufacturing various products. We believe in invention, innovation, and implementation. We use different alloys to produce the product useful for a broader range of applications. The products which we offer holds greater efficiency, versatility, and reliability. Savoy Piping Inc. is a trustworthy supplier of tantalum crucible and a wide variety of other products essential for various purpose. We offer tantalum crucibles with a variety of sizes. We provide custom-tailored product based on request. Precision, quality, and prominence have led us to become the best distributors of Tantalum Crucible in India. Being the best manufacturer, we at Savoy Piping Inc. have modular manufacturing unit. Also, we have a crew of experts who have profound years of experience, skills, and knowledge. Support of our team and modular infrastructure adds the value in achieving success. Our entire unit is highly involved in providing a wide range of precise, quality product to valuable clients.

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We are at the leading position for manufacturing and exporting Ta Alloy Crucible across India. We are a well-known firm in India for providing quality products to our clients. We maintain throughout quality to meet the ongoing demand of Tantalum Alloy Crucibles so that our clients never face the problem. Tantalum Crucibles that we manufacture are produced mainly by considering various standard diameters and wall thicknesses. These crucibles are useful at the commercial level, research applications, and new proprietary technologies. They are produced principally from custom materials and alloys. We not only produce Tantalum crucibles in round shape, but we offer crucibles in other forms also, like tubes, bar or plate. We handle the tantalum crucibles very carefully to avoid the damage during its storage and transportation. Tantalum is a shiny, dark blue-grey metal. It is heavy, dense, malleable, and ductile when pure. It is found in small amounts in minerals and isolated by using simple processes. Tantalum is anti-corrosive and resistant to acid attack. Tantalum can be used widely for laboratory apparatus. Body fluid doesn’t react with the metal and, hence, they are useful in for surgical implants. Apart from this, the metal has full application as cutting tools. They are also beneficial in the production of different electronic devices such as capacitors, rectifiers, and lamp filaments, etc. We manage to deliver a variety of personalized products on time. We use the finest quality materials, modular manufacturing, and quality checking system. To avoid any damage in shipping and transportation, we are using proper packaging materials like wooden boxes. Our experts are taking care at every stage of designing, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping.

Catalog No. TA0009
Size 10-500mm OD x 10-600mm L
Material Tantalum Crucible UNS R05200, R05400, R05255, R05252, R05240
Purity ≥9≥99.95%
Density 16.6 g/cc
Tantalum Crucible Application

Tantalum Alloy Crucible are known to deliver exceptional performance and are generally developed for meeting the demands. We offer a broad range of Tantalum Bars for high temperature, pressure applications through a worldwide network of stock-keeping branches. These Round Bars is use in various industries like :

  • Tantalum Crucible uses in Power Plants
  • Tantalum Crucible uses in Modern Architecture
  • Tantalum Crucible uses in Petroleum Industry
  • Tantalum Crucible uses in General Purpose Applications
  • Tantalum Crucible uses in Fabrication Industry
  • Tantalum Crucible uses in Oil & Gas Industry
  • Tantalum Crucible uses in Fertilizers
  • Tantalum Crucible uses in Electronics
  • Tantalum Crucible uses in Construction
  • Tantalum Crucible uses in Chemical Industries
  • Tantalum Crucible uses in Plumbing
Tantalum Crucibles Application

Tantalum Crucibles Price List

Export Destinations For Tantalum Crucibles

Saudi Arabia, Japan, France, Macau, Slovakia, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Colombia, Egypt, Argentina, Serbia, Sweden, Thailand, Namibia, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Angola, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Chile, Canada, Gambia, Iraq, China, Azerbaijan, Tibet, Kenya, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Brazil, Jordan, Russia, Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Kuwait, Czech Republic, Finland, Algeria, Turkey, Belarus, Spain, Belgium, Ghana, Afghanistan, Austria, Israel, Peru, Greece, Costa Rica, Singapore, Libya, Oman, United States, Venezuela, Australia, Bhutan, Switzerland, Estonia, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Bolivia, Chile, Netherlands, New Zealand, Yemen, Trinidad & Tobago, Morocco, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Italy, Mexico, Bahrain, Poland, Croatia, South Korea, Romania, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Portugal, Lithuania, Qatar, Mongolia, Germany, Hungary, Gabon, Denmark, Tunisia, India, Ecuador, Iran, South Africa, Ireland, Norway

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