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Lead Sheets

Lead Sheets

We have a brief history of work with commitment. We have full-flagged working efficiency in serving our clients with utmost loyalty. These are the factors that distinguish us to become one of the most reliable manufacturers of lead sheet. Savoy Piping Inc. has cutting-edge equipment, experienced experts’ team and infrastructure facility to undertake custom lead products as per client specifications. We offer products to meet the changing industrial demands. We have earned expertise in creating custom lead works. We have a manufacturing facility which is streamlined to deliver the product. We have earned success through structured investment in both technology and people. Our company is committed to supplying quality lead sheet products to our customers across India. We use pure lead for manufacturing of Lead Sheets as per customer specifications. The lead sheet is flexible and long-lasting and is used as flashings or weathering to prevent water penetrating at points such as the bases of chimney stacks and abutments. Lead Sheets are mainly used in chemical and other relevant industries as it is resistant against a variety of chemicals. Also, the product is useful in x-ray and gamma-ray protection, flooring, building construction, roofing, and flashing purpose.

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The product is shower pans, vibration damping and soundproofing. Savoy Piping Inc. is the leading manufacturer in India to offer the full range of lead sheet products. Our product plays an essential role in diverse areas of the market such as Construction, Healthcare and Refinery. We manufacture Rolled Lead Sheet which is available in various size, length and width to match the user requirement. Our fundamental aim is to give an excellent and custom quality product to our customers by using advanced types of equipment. We are investing in upgrading the skills of our workforce. Apart from this, we at Savoy Piping Inc. committed to serving our clients with the highest quality Lead Alloys sheet products at the best possible price. We have years of experience in the field of manufacturing various products. We have developed a reputation for quality products and on-time delivery.

We use the team-oriented approach to run our company, we follow all the standard procedures and safety norms. The lead sheet has a uniform density, stability. The product is easy to fabricate, highly flexible, etc. Also, we offer the product at a reasonable cost. Apart from product quality, we also consider its packaging to prevent the damage that may occur during transit and distribution.

We offer the products that will help you to achieve your stringent requirements, in the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly way. We supply the on-time delivery of the product. High Quality and timely delivery both are the significant attributes of our success. We provide the topmost quality products to match your specifications at a competitive price.

Thickness 0.5mm to 60mm
Length As per customer’s requirement
Width up to 4 feet
Purity Min 99.5% and above
Material Lead
Lead Sheets Application

Lead Sheets are known to deliver exceptional performance and are generally developed for meeting the demands. We offer a broad range of Lead Alloy Sheet for high temperature, pressure applications through a worldwide network of stock-keeping branches. These Sheets is use in various industries like :

  • Lead Sheets uses in Power Plants
  • Lead Sheets uses in Modern Architecture
  • Lead Sheets uses in Petroleum Industry
  • Lead Sheets uses in General Purpose Applications
  • Lead Sheets uses in Fabrication Industry
  • Lead Sheets uses in Oil & Gas Industry
  • Lead Sheets uses in Fertilizers
  • Lead Sheets uses in Electronics
  • Lead Sheets uses in Construction
  • Lead Sheets uses in Chemical Industries
  • Lead Sheets uses in Plumbing
Lead Sheets Application

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Chile, Taiwan, Nepal, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Israel, Spain, Peru, Macau, Mexico, France, Sweden, Poland, Kenya, Ghana, Colombia, Chile, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, China, Afghanistan, India, Lebanon, Angola, Australia, Trinidad & Tobago, Algeria, Norway, Namibia, Vietnam, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Russia, Tunisia, Hungary, Nigeria, Argentina, Slovakia, Libya, Indonesia, United States, Switzerland, Jordan, Bulgaria, Estonia, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Egypt, Bahrain, Denmark, Austria, Costa Rica, Mongolia, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Italy, Serbia, Philippines, Brazil, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Germany, Belarus, Finland, Morocco, Gambia, Bhutan, Oman, Lithuania, Belgium, Kuwait, Gabon, South Korea, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Canada, Ukraine, Iran, Romania, Croatia, Hong Kong, Tibet, Portugal, New Zealand, Netherlands, Greece, Thailand, Singapore, Bolivia, Yemen, Ecuador, Japan.

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