Phosphorus Rods

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Phosphorus Rods

Phosphorus Rods

At Savoy Piping Inc., we manufacture a wide range of Phosphorus Rod. We distribute all brass rods within the Indian market. Most of our brass rods are available from stock. Savoy Piping Inc. is one of the popular distributors & trader of Phosphorus Round Bars. Phosphorus is alloy famous for its high strength, protection against corrosion. It is useful for marine construction industry due to its a durability, corrosive resistant and hard material. There are various benefits of brass that make it unique. The product, i.e., Phosphorus rods which we manufacture at Savoy Piping Inc. holds some of the benefits. It has excellent hardness, superior tensile strength, higher thermal conductivity, elongation, proper capacity. The product also has excellent soldering along with good finish. These bars give aqueous corrosion resistance to the ‘parent’ material. These brass rods are heat treatable. Savoy Piping Inc. offers the brass rods that are essential to serving various industrial purposes. We manufacture superior products that are precis. We make brass rods in all standard shapes and sizes, with precision. Also, we have a customisation facility. We are here to cater the requirement of a large number of industries including hardware, aircraft industry, marine industry, welding industry, and soldering industry.

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Savoy Piping Inc. is a leading manufacturer of all types of products. We have a range of precision rods available in a multitude of designs and dimensions. We have state-of-the-art brass rod manufacturing set-up. Our infrastructure enables us to produce the best product by using excellent raw material. We cross-check our products for almost all parameters that are mentioned in industrial quality standards. We have earned name and fame in the market by providing the product with straightness, low dimensional tolerances and minimal out-of-roundness. Being a renowned manufacturer, we believe in precision, perfection and product. We produce products based on industrial research, innovation, and safety to make it more reliable and economically sound.

Apart from this, the company has highly skilled personnel who are committed to working with advanced technology to produce environmental-friendly products. Our primary aim is to provide complete satisfaction to our clients by fulfilling their needs. Savoy Piping Inc. is a recognized firm for trading and supplying an extensive range of brass rods. We try to ensure that all our product goes through a strict quality check before its dispatch. We do perform mechanical testing such as tensile of area, hardness test, Spectro analysis, material identification, and much more.

Phosphorus rods are designed exclusively for ensuring the safety of the user. They are high quality and standardized products essential in engineering, electrical, electronics, automobiles, building a hardware and sanitary fittings. Phosphorus rods have a high degree of dimensional accuracy, excellent tightness and anti-corrosive property.

Phosphros Bronze ASTM B103 C 51000, SAE J 463 C 51000, BS 2874 PB 102
Length 100mm to 6000mm
Diameter 10mm to 200mm
Copper (Min) 76%
Phosphorus Bronze Rods Application

Copper Phosphorous Alloys are known to deliver exceptional performance and are generally developed for meeting the demands. We offer a broad range of hosphorus Brazing for high temperature, pressure applications through a worldwide network of stock-keeping branches. These Rods is use in various industries like :

  • Phosphorus Bronze uses in Power Plants
  • Phosphorus Bronze uses in Modern Architecture
  • Phosphorus Bronze uses in Petroleum Industry
  • Phosphorus Bronze uses in General Purpose Applications
  • Phosphorus Bronze uses in Fabrication Industry
  • Phosphorus Bronze uses in Oil & Gas Industry
  • Phosphorus Bronze uses in Fertilizers
  • Phosphorus Bronze uses in Electronics
  • Phosphorus Bronze uses in Construction
  • Phosphorus Bronze uses in Chemical Industries
  • Phosphorus Bronze uses in Plumbing
Phosphorus Bronze Application

Phosphorus Bronze and Rods Price List

Export Destinations For Phosphorus Bronze Rods

Kenya, China, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago, New Zealand, Egypt, Bangladesh, Angola, Tunisia, Mexico, India, Peru, Morocco, Ireland, United Kingdom, Ghana, Nigeria, Tibet, Russia, Yemen, Macau, Canada, Costa Rica, Iran, Nigeria, Qatar, Lithuania, Brazil, Philippines, Portugal, Indonesia, Japan, Algeria, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Namibia, Slovakia, Greece, Afghanistan, South Africa, Finland, Jordan, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Romania, Turkey, Malaysia, Israel, Croatia, Sweden, Poland, Australia, Bolivia, Austria, Denmark, Bulgaria, Bhutan, France, Germany, Serbia, Belgium, Bahrain, Chile, Taiwan, United States, South Korea, Ecuador, Mongolia, Hungary, Hong Kong, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Libya, Kuwait, Singapore, Norway, Oman, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Lebanon, Estonia, Switzerland, Vietnam, Belarus, Gambia, Italy, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Thailand, Colombia, Argentina, Gabon, Ukraine.

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