Titanium Tube Fittings

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Titanium Tube Fittings Exporter in India

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Titanium Tube Fittings

Titanium Tube Fittings

We are Titanium Tube Fittings manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors in India. Titanium is the metal of the future because it has a wide range of benefits and used in numerous applications. Because of its tensile strength and creep resistance qualities, we are manufacturing tube fittings with Titanium. These tubes are 45% lighter than the usual steel tube fittings and give a very high-class image. Titanium tube fittings are widely used in boats because of its corrosion resistance property. Our Titanium tube fittings have an excellent low-temperature resolution, and even they do not become crumbly in extremely low temperatures. We are providing the highest quality fittings with highest featured metal.

We, Savoy Piping Inc, ensure specifications, measurements, and property of our product. To ensure very high-pressure sustainability, we examined fittings under the highest of pressures. All titanium tube fittings provide an excellent surface finish which guarantees that they can perform in the most extreme environments. With 0% rejection rate, we are satisfying our customer and giving them on-time deliveries of every product. Combination of strength, weight and corrosion resistance, we are providing titanium tube fittings to smoothen and strengthen the working ability of your application.

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We are working on the latest technology and advanced machinery to get better outcomes and to fulfil all the needs of our customers. With required testing to check the robustness of the product and to get customer satisfaction, we are implementing all the necessary methods. In Titanium tube fittings, there are three main parts such as body, nuts, and ferrule, and we develop them with the standard procedures. Body of the tube fitting is built from hex or round bar with the heat-treatment depending on the size of the bar. The body is shaped depending on the requirements of the customer. Nuts are produced by the moderately simple process by working on hex bar as per size and thread from a regulated design. Our specialization endures in an innovative method of manufacturing, which makes the ferrules compatible and enhances the life of the fitting.

Savoy Piping Inc providing titanium tube fittings with various benefits like it has silver-plated nuts which are avoiding galling, suitable for high-pressure vacuum and vibration application, zero leakage in every tough working conditions, and it resists to high-pressure, corrosion, and excessive temperature. Our reusable titanium tube fittings are simple to operate and cost-effective.

We are serving Titanium tube fittings for various industries to complete numerous operations. We are offering our product to the aerospace industry, marine industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, pulp and paper industry, medical equipment, nuclear waste storage, medical industry, pigments, additives, and coatings, consumer and architectural uses. We are manufacturing and supplying various tube fittings to fulfil the requirements of our clients. To provide better and suitable service, we are offering custom based products.

Standard Specification For Titanium Tube Fittings

Brand name Tube fittings
Tube Size 1/16”OD to 2”OD, 2mm OD to 50mm OD
Material Grades Titanium Grades 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 19, 23
Thread NPT, BSP, BSPT, UNF, ISO, SAE etc.
Pressure Rating 6000PSI for Titanium , 300/1000/3000PSI for Brass
Standards ASTM D1710, ASTM D3294
Applicable temperature 150-C276°C


Titanium Tube Fittings Application

Titanium Tube Fittings are known to deliver exceptional performance and are generally developed for meeting the demands. We offer a broad range of Titanium Alloy Tube Fittings for high temperature, pressure applications through a worldwide network of stock-keeping branches. These Fittings is use in various industries like :

  • Titanium Tube Fittings uses in Power Plants
  • Titanium Tube Fittings uses in Modern Architecture
  • Titanium Tube Fittings uses in Petroleum Industry
  • Titanium Tube Fittings uses in General Purpose Applications
  • Titanium Tube Fittings uses in Fabrication Industry
  • Titanium Tube Fittings uses in Oil & Gas Industry
  • Titanium Tube Fittings uses in Fertilizers
  • Titanium Tube Fittings uses in Electronics
  • Titanium Tube Fittings uses in Construction
  • Titanium Tube Fittings uses in Chemical Industries
  • Titanium Tube Fittings uses in Plumbing
Titanium Tube Fittings Application

Titanium Tube Fittings Price List

Export Destinations For Titanium Tube Fittings

Malaysia, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Romania, Serbia, Venezuela, Iraq, Ecuador, Singapore, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Belarus, Angola, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Taiwan, Trinidad & Tobago, Japan, Finland, Netherlands, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, Italy, Estonia, France, Argentina, Ghana, Russia, Philippines, Thailand, Tibet, Austria, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Israel, Jordan, Iran, Turkey, Libya, Ireland, Lithuania, Hungary, Greece, Bahrain, Namibia, Mexico, Peru, Switzerland, Bolivia, Norway, Sweden, Kenya, Lebanon, Poland, South Korea, Colombia, Tunisia, Belgium, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Chile, India, Brazil, Costa Rica, Oman, Yemen, Bhutan, Portugal, Nepal, Denmark, Australia, Gabon, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Algeria, Germany, Afghanistan, China, Mongolia, Chile, Gambia, United Kingdom, Spain, Ukraine, Hong Kong, South Africa, Canada, Macau, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Egypt, United States, Kuwait, Zimbabwe.