Connector Tube Fittings

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Connector Tube Fittings Exporter in India

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Manufacturer of Connector Tube Fittings - Male Connector, Female Connector
Connector Tube Fittings

Connector Tube Fittings

We, Savoy Piping Inc, are manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of various tube fittings. We provide a connector tube fitting to provide sealing under high pressure. The connector is the type of tube fittings which used to join the various pieces of tubes or pipes collectively. We are manufacturing connectors in different measurements like an inch and metric sizes. We are providing connectors as per customer requirement, and we have connectors with diverse types, body style, and shapes. Our Connector tube fittings are high-performance tools which can protect from corrosion in various environmental effects. We are using various components for manufacturing connector tube fitting, and it has excellent tensile strength and toughness.

We have a standard manufacturing process for every product, and we are following it strictly as per guidelines. This helps us to deliver the best product by utilizing raw material of most excellent quality along with modern technology. Savoy Piping Inc has well-qualified professionals and dedicated personnel who are helping to achieve an excellent outcome. By maintaining our product quality and timely delivery, we are providing satisfaction to our customers.

SS Connectors Tube Fittings Manufacturer in Mumbai India, Alloy 20 Female Threaded Bulkhead Connector, Incoloy Bulkhead Male Connector, Copper Nickel Female Manometer Connector, Titanium Female Connector, Male Connector - BSP Tube Fittings, Standard Size Connector Tube Fittings Supplier.

With the extensive range of product in different variety, multiple dimensions, quality standards, and required specifications, we are catering to every order of our customer. Our products have passed every testing criteria and inspection norms before final delivery. This product qualification gives us to provide an error-free and perfect product to our client. With the last quality check, we deliver a product with the best packing. We are manufacturing, exporting, and supplying different types of Connectors to suit various applications and features.

Male Connectors We, Savoy Piping Inc, are manufacturing various types of connectors. We fabricate male connectors which are extremely tough and available in several metals. With all required manufacturing processes, we are supplying high quality, robust male connectors to our clients.

Female connectors Female connectors are used for tight sealing to tubes as well as to pipes. It is one of the jointing tools which aids to convey the liquids or flow. We are manufacturing Female Connectors which made with different types of metals and gave highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion.

Plain Connector We are manufacturing Plain Connectors with the lot of exclusive features high performance, durability, and precise dimensions. Plain Connectors are used mainly in sliding doors, for safety purpose and other applications.

Along with these connectors, we are manufacturing and supplying various types of connectors like:
⦁ Male Connector
⦁ Female Connector
⦁ Bulkhead Male Connector
⦁ Bulkhead Female Connector Tube Fitting
⦁ Plain Connector
⦁ Nut
⦁ Single Ferrule
⦁ Double Ferrule
⦁ Front Ferrule
⦁ Back Ferrule
⦁ Coupling Cap
⦁ Tube End Closure
⦁ Fitting End Closure
⦁ Weldable Male Connector (Round Body- SW)
⦁ Seal Male Connector
⦁ Female Manometer Connector
⦁ Butt Weld Pipe Connector
⦁ Socket Weld Tube Connector
Savoy Piping Inc provides connectors with exclusive features and suitable specifications. All connectors have properties of highly corrosion resistance, easy fabricability, and easy workability.

Standard Specification For Connector Tube Fittings

Brand name Connector Tube fittings
MAWP 12,000 psig*
Temperature Range -325 to 1200°F
Materials 316 SS, Alloy 400, C-276, and brass. Other materials are available.
Sizes 1/16 to 1 in.
Connector NPT, ISO/BSP, SAE/MS, AN, weld, O-seal, tube stub, port connectors, hose, and ORFS.
Shapes Straight, elbows, tees, crosses, caps, plugs
Special fittings Bulkhead and extended (long), bore through, positionable, calibration and dielectric fittings.
Accessories Stop collars, bulkhead locks, nut and ferrule sets, tools and accessories


Connector Tube Fittings Application

Stainless Steel Connector Tube Fittings are known to deliver exceptional performance and are generally developed for meeting the demands. We offer a broad range of High Nickel Alloy Connector Tube Fittings for high temperature, pressure applications through a worldwide network of stock-keeping branches. These Fittings is use in various industries like :

  • Connector Tube Fittings uses in Power Plants
  • Connector Tube Fittings uses in Modern Architecture
  • Connector Tube Fittings uses in Petroleum Industry
  • Connector Tube Fittings uses in General Purpose Applications
  • Connector Tube Fittings uses in Fabrication Industry
  • Connector Tube Fittings uses in Oil & Gas Industry
  • Connector Tube Fittings uses in Fertilizers
  • Connector Tube Fittings uses in Electronics
  • Connector Tube Fittings uses in Construction
  • Connector Tube Fittings uses in Chemical Industries
  • Connector Tube Fittings uses in Plumbing
Connector Tube Fittings Application

Connector Tube Fittings Price List

Export Destinations For Connector Tube Fittings

Finland, Austria, Mexico, Philippines, Belarus, Germany, Ukraine, Angola, Lebanon, Kuwait, Kenya, United Kingdom, Yemen, Brazil, China, Bhutan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Switzerland, Serbia, Peru, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Egypt, Russia, Portugal, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Poland, Hong Kong, Bolivia, Gambia, Thailand, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Estonia, Jordan, Indonesia, Romania, Qatar, Oman, Czech Republic, Iran, Canada, Turkey, Macau, Algeria, Belgium, Taiwan, Lithuania, France, Japan, Nigeria, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Venezuela, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Colombia, Nigeria, Israel, Sweden, Ghana, Iraq, Libya, Croatia, Chile, India, Spain, Namibia, Nepal, Vietnam, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Tibet, Gabon, Costa Rica, Australia, Bangladesh, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Puerto Rico, United States, Chile, Zimbabwe, Argentina, South Africa, Trinidad & Tobago